App enhancement: Push notification when area unmapped


Vespucci is a really neat tool on android for mapping, and has push notifications for new bug reports within a 200m radius.

It detects your max speed (nothing over running pace - 15-30km/h) to avoid giving you notifications you can’t respond to.

It would be good if with mapillary:

  • There was a push notification when I walk into an area that is not mapped
  • I had a one click way to start mapping
  • I could snooze notifications for a given time period if I don’t want to map at the moment
  • There was a push notification if I’m somewhere that is mapped; but I appear to be moving in the opposite direction

Some of these might be hard without GPS turned on, and not necessarily apply for driving/bike mounted survey; but they would be more likely to get me to map when out and about.

Mobile app feature: Add photo of this place

While I like the ideas, I think there are a lot more important things that need to be worked on first.

Besides, why not just shoot sequences anyway, whether the area has been done already or not? It might have been months since someone had been through that area.


I also like the ideas, and I hope we will get there some day. While, @JackTheRipper, it’s very thankworthy that you’re up for mapping whenever, wherever, I suspect that for a lot of people it can be a tipping point to grab their phone if there is a chance to “fill in the map”.