Anyone on 32C3 in Hamburg on 27th-30th december?


As the 32C3 event in Hamburg comes near, lets have a mapillary event at it!
Hamburg is nearby the northern countries in which Mapillary is widely used :wink:
Also the date is fine for a lot of folks, and OSM has some meet&great on 32C3.
I´ll be there and I´ll make some tracks there:


Thanks for sharing @Amiga4000. Good to have a Mapillary user there. Strange time for an event though just between the major holidays of the year.

If you would like some mounts to hand out to people interested in Mapillary, let me know.


I am not against this, I got a fixed table/place on that event the whole time (but I won´t ge there the whole time). So that could be done easy.
Get to me in 1 month again :wink:

Sounds good. It’ll take at least a week to get the mounts there so send an email with the address where you want me to send them to