Anyone else in Denmark?

I map in Aarhus, a little bit else when we go on a trip. Nico has previously been very active in Aarhus, but seems to have slowed down. In Viborg, close to Aarhus, beer119 have been very actively lately, and made some great detailed mappings. The clear number 1 mapper in Denmark, neogeografen is hard to avoid.

Hi - Maybe some students from Aarhus Uni could be a target. Setup a minor Mapillary event in Aarhus - Libraries have mostly a meeting room you can lend for free.

This weekend the Maptime Copenhagen starts with a trip to Frederiksborg Castle

Hope you will find someone to go out and do some Mapillary mapping with - more fun to be more than one.

Hi, I am an Assistant Professor at DTU looking for activities for my GIS Masters students…is there any events/meetups going on still? This post was a few years ago but just thought i would give it a go!

Hi @tessakatebell

I am still here. But in Aarhus and with two kids eating most of my time. A very active contributor nearby is Søren . He is not in this forum but is neogeografen on Mapillary.