[Android] How to restore an image (accidentially) deleted while "reviewing before upload"?


When reviewing my sequences before uploading it sometimes happens that I accidentially delete an image that shouldn’t be deleted at all. (Because of bad responsiveness of the delete-button.)

Is there a way to undo such deletes or restore deleted images?

TIA, Markus

I can only mention an external software:

see http://www.piriform.com/recuva

… but I think you are looking more for an in-app trashcan where you can undo your deletions?

True, I’m looking for something like an in-app trashcan to undo deletions.
I believe it’s good that deletions are easy and without confirmation, but such easy deletions should by revertable…

Would some confirmation dialogue be sufficient to avoid this? Trash can seems a little overkill if you have hundreds of images?

Hi, @peter .
Actually I wouldn’t like to have a confirmation dialog, because it complicates the review process which, IMHO, should be rather quick and easy going otherwise users wont do it.

Mayby a trash can is really an overkill, but maybe an undo option, that keeps the latest 5 to 10 deletions (per sequence?) available (until the sequence is submitted) to be undone?

But additional the original problem should be addressed too:
the unwanted deletions happend only, because the app was unresponsive when I deleted one picture, so I wasnt sure if I properly pressed the delete button, so I clicked it again, but when the app responded again, two pictures where gone.