Action cam Sony HDR-AS30V

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Do you think this action cam is good for Mapillary?
Sony HDR-AS30V


As action cam perfect, but not suitable for Mapillary.
Reason is the time lapse mode is maximum 5s per image which is not enough. Another drawback is that the image quality is only 2MP for the timelapse photos. The image sensor can take better photos, but unfortunately not in time lapse mode. This is not only the case for the HDR-AS30V, but even more expensive Sony action cams.


Thanks for sharing this @ligfietser!

@soren_johannessen Might be wrong here but did you also have some experience in trying out the SONY camera?

Hi Sandra

No I have no experience with the Sony model -

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I have a HDR-AS100V and it can be used. It can take pictures down to one every 1 sec, but as @ligfietser writes the resolution is only HD video, ie. around 2 mega pixels. That is useable - I have uploaded around 200k photos from that camera, but for future use more mega pixels are better. Usually I would not say that, but 2 mp is very low.

I just got a Garmin Virb Elite, which can do 16 mega pixels every 2 seconds, but it can also do the time lapse videos with the low resolution down to 0.5 seconds. Or just video, which you can feed Mapillary.

The Virb is larger, but the buttons are nicer and it has a little preview screen. I would go for the Virb over any of the Sonys, now I have tried both!

Note that Virb has their own mounts and there is no tripod mount in the box.

I tried the Sony HDR-AS30V, This is the result:
What do you think?
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Antonio Piro

It seems to be a good quality. I’ve just bought also a Sony HDR AS30V and I’ll test it next week.