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@GITNE private imagery is not a service we are offering anymore.

We have very limited support for some organisations that still require it, but we’re not accepting new private imagery requests. Our focus is on public imagery that helps to improve maps.

There are many scenarios where private imagery is helpful, but all companies need to focus somewhere. We’ve determined that public imagery is our focus and our engineering resources can be best utilised by concentrating on this area.


@eneerhut , others…are there any recommended alternatives to Mapillary for organisations that need a Mapillary like platform but need their data private?

@badgerseatfrogs1 Just about any GIS software has the ability to import geocoded photos and show you their geographic location. It just depends on what you want to do with the images. Personally I use QGIS with plugins for non public imagery. Welcome to the QGIS project!

Thanks @tastrax . I should have clarified, I meant an alternative that hosts not only geotagged images but puts them in a street-view style viewer and also allows you to view 360 images. The QGIS example doesn’t have 360 image viewer or the street-view functionality. Please correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile:

I wonder if something like this might be what you’re after. Not sure whether it supports anything other than Cyclomedia content though. Trimble’s viewer is likely similar.

This plugin for QGIS handles 360 images but it wont be as simple as Mapillary GitHub - All4Gis/EquirectangularViewer: Equirectangular viewer for your local images in Qgis.

The only other software I know that does something similar is expensive software used by companies that do road data capture with imagery. How deep are your pockets? :slight_smile:

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@tastrax , the idea is that we can load imagery from consumer and prosumer cameras. So although we can spend money on proper cameras / captures - there’s also a need to quickly capture imagery and publish to the web for our web GIS users. Mapillary was great for this. QGIS looks like a possible desktop solution but we’re an ESRI shop and all web based so would take some serious development to make the QGIS solution work here. But maybe all solutions will.

I would be vey surprised if the ESRI suite / Arc GIS Online didn’t have some solution. Ask your local rep as I am sure they would love to take some extra funds from you. :laughing:

I haven’t had the need for a paid solution for many years.

Yes, ESRI have an oblique-viewer but it’s not the nicest user experience to use to be honest. There is beauty in having street-view arrows superimposed on the Imagery. And yes, ESRI costs money. Open source is great, maybe one day we’ll make the switch.