We're launching photorealistic Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) at Mapillary!

I have identified a historic landmark that I would like to capture for NeRF. However, it is quite tall and I would like to also capture details high above the ground. Hence, I was wondering whether your process can also deal with varying focal lengths (zoom) in the same sequence?

The current OpenSfM flavor used by Mapillary seems to work rather hit or miss with varying focal lengths. Often enough, just a handful of long focal length images cause the entire point cloud to scale up instead of positioning the camera further away.

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We have introduced the limit as shorter sequences had some “gaps” which prevented us from creating a successful reconstructions. Please try suggesting larger sequences.
We’ll also look into possibly generating reconstructions from multiple combined sequences in the future.

Thanks for the answer.

Well, I do understand the idea, but it’s how Mapillary application works, isn’t it? It breaks the sequence by 300 images, and you can easily loose 299 images of your sequence. Merging is really needed I believe.

I made a first attempt to capture a sequence for NeRF of a small place with 120 pictures. Back home, I discovered that one needs at least 200 pictures and 600+ is recommanded. But, as mentioned by WASD42, sequences are limited to 300 pictures. So, how can we suggest a set of 600+ pictures for NeRF processing?

Hello all, i’m Arnold from Cameroon
I submitted my recent capture as NerF candidate. I saw that it takes about a week to generate NerF scenes. I would like to know how to be aware when the scene will be created

cc @duncanzauss do you have any advice here?

BR, Yaro