View flip forward/backward

Strange things in tunnel:

As you can see, while normally pointing forward, some views are displayed backward.

Acquisition with GoPro Max in 360° timelapse.
Track recorded with U-Blox F9R (RTK GNSS + IMU).
Post-processing with JOSM for position and direction (along the track).

Likely this is an issue with the Post-processing, where the inconsistency with the image orientation and meta data, and as I understand it the current way to fix it is to (1) delete the track, (2) correct the issues in the Post-processing, (3) re-upload the (corrected) track. (There is a orientation tag in the image metadata, alternatively the image can be rotated to the normalized orientation. Thus was most likely happened is that the camera orientation has been interpolated from the GPS data, with the assumption that the camera is pointing in the direction of movement, so if you accidentally move backwards at any point that will result in effective 180° rotation of the image compared to orientation indicated on the map…)

I have seen similar issues with the videos from my Ricoh Theta X, but then generally the view from some videos are displayed up or down (as attempts to detect orientation); typically this also results in some kind of process failure tag in the upload - but it’s a rather long list, so usually miss those, and so these are probably detede by the automation as a consequence. Thus it would be nice if one could get a main notification and/or filter for failures, and even better if the correction could be applied directly in the web-GUI (to minimize the required re-processing required, and thus save time for me ;-).