Valid tags when using scripts

Is there any way to see why images fail to upload due to tags? In a recent run I just lost over 35% of my images for some reason!

Updated to latest scripts and it spells out why the images are flagged.

Loaded a few more today and got this at the end of the upload

That looks like an error in the script. @Sandra, do you know someone who can help here?

Today I got this (as always) at the end of an upload so i have a couple of questions.

I note that some images are “flagged as duplicates” - is there something I should be running to delete those from Mapillary or dont they get uploaded in the first place?

The new script, which it seems you are using, will remove duplicates so they are not uploaded. What it means by duplicates are images taken very close (e.g. less than 2 or 5 meters apart) and is meant to remove images which are taken when stationary (like a red light).

I don’t see any issues in the screenshot.

Many thanks @tryl - I will keep an eye on the uploads and see if everything is being uploaded correctly.