Use of external GPS

its actually worked out easier for me to use an external gps like the garmin glo. i have a tasker profile that detects when the glo is turned on and will enable the mock gps without me having to fiddle around with any app. i have another task that starts the gps logger app recording. so basically any time i have the glo turned on i know it will be recording a gpx track. (it locks on way quicker than my phone’s gps too)

when i started using mapillary last year the sequences werent recording properly with my phone’s gps which is why i bought the glo but im glad i did now because its very rare i have to clean up sequences and everything is easy to find when editing in osm. it beats having to hunt around on lines of spaghetti art to try and find the photo youre looking for

ive deleted all my pre-glo sequences now so i dont have any comparison but they were never even close to being this neat:


Yes, I bought a Garmin Glo to replace the gps in my phone. Success! It uses SBAS in my area and now the tracks are generally within the carriageway. I have seen only two spikes to manually fix in a week of collecting that were really bad and obvious. The Garmin 78s handheld did work as an external GPS but was too fiddly with cables and charging using the OTG adaptor.

So now that I have 1.7m on the GPS using SBAS corrections now I have found that the images are +/- 6 seconds in the EXIF timestamps. That means +/- 60 metres when synchronising with the GPS track. I have decided to use the timestamp in the filename because that at least records milliseconds. I have no idea from when though. When the photo is initiated, when taken, when stored? Even a second round-off adds an error of +/- 13 metres.

Hello…in my case I record tracks with OSMTracker for my mapping in OSM, if satellites distributed evenly in the sky and you have lock on 10-11 of them then 1.7 meters accuracy could be achieved. GPS data logger saves gps-data as well, so you will have a backup. Though I use my action camera for Mapillary mapping, I still use the Mapillary app on the phone to take pictures of the information signs in the parks, POIs when I stop to survey them. OSM tracker has a great compact design and if you are good at pcb assembly designing then you can add a short camera also into it so that you need not to use the additional camera.