Tricks to better GPS reception on urban environments

What tricks do you use to get better GPS reception on urban environments? External / bluetooth GPS? Positioned how? Specially interested in walking/cycling arrangements, because I don’t drive. Thanks in advance.

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I used to put the Garmin GLO under my hat. Of course the improvement is minimal, maybe not measurable. You could put the external receiver on a long stick together with a 360 camera. I don’t have the impression that the precision of the Garmin GLO is better than that of my Samsung GS5. But the signal strength bullet icon turns more yellow and green with it. I start after a little wait on crossings, where there is more sky.I keep some distance from the houses.
End 2016 Galileo will start and in 2020 the GPS signal will be stronger.
Start with a picture from streetnames at corners.
Of course the problem in cities is the reflection. I am not aware of affordable and portable receivers able to correct that.

Yeah, I’m wondering that in dense areas, I’d have to take pictures and position them manually.

I see the return of the top hat.
Filled with antennas, communication gear, sensors, cameras and computers.

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Do not be embarassed if the tracks of your sequences go all over the place. Mapillary improves the location , if pictures are connected. I wonder how they solve the reflection problem near a big building because this happens always on the same place, the same way.

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I have not done manual repositioning in Brussels, because it was too hard to do.
The result is acceptable, navigation along different tracks is possible.

The icon that shows the photo direction is placed on the improved position and even if you look in the point cloud you can see other photo positions on the improved position.

The sequence line on the map is the measured gps track, so this is a great way to see how much they can improve GPS coordinates!

Harry, can you give a telltale link ? I do not find any.

I am getting crazy :frowning:
Last week it was as i described above, but when I look at the same sequences again it doesn’t work that way anymore.

This can only mean that the mapillaryteam is working on this right now and that we probably get some new functionality soon.

I’d like the mapillary app to support a GPS receiver via BT connection. Perhaps it is even possible to take a photo whenever the GPS mouse sends a NMEA string, e.g. a setup where not the internal GPS neither the internal timer (2 seconds) is used, but every time a NMEA sequence comes in a phot is triggered.

It is possible but has nothing to do with the mly app. This is one thing in which Android is bad. You have to deceive the smartphone to let it work.
My Garmin Glo sends 10 messages per second. The camera response time is much slower.
I set the interval to 1 second and I don’t get even 2 seconds in reality.