Use front- and back-camera at the same time

Recently I was walking around and taking pictures at the right-hand side using the main camera (on the backside) of my phone. For this I held my phone like a sword in front of me. I thought: Why isn’t it possible to take pictures of the left-hand side at the same time using the front camera? This would immediately double the number of available pictures while needing the same amount of effort to gather them.

Is this a feature you (the Mapillary team) could implement?



nice idea, would need the mobile to be in position above the user, need the mobile to be able to use BOTH cams at the same time…
would put large load on the mobile. IMHO you can only use one cam at the same time…


You don’t need to take the pictures att the same time, but you could alternate both cameras, like one picture forward and after 2 s one picture backward, after 2s one picture forward, etc.

Wouldn’t it be better to use a 360 cam for this purpose?

Wouldn’t it be better to use a 360 cam for this purpose?

Of course. But most people (including me) don’t own one (in contrast to their phones, which they carry with themselves all day long).

I’ve just ordered the new LG 360 cam.
The specs and the sample videos on youtube seem pretty good. And the price wasn’t bad either. And it’s also compatible with Google street View. In that way I can shoot for both platforms.

Thanks for the suggestion, @lto! In principal it should be possible, although a problem could be low fps if it’s not possible to use both cams at the same time and they need to be reinitialized between captures. Also the app needs to have multi-preview like for the multiple action camera setup, which we currently only have for iOS not yet Android (it’s coming though). So likely your idea is viable, although not in our current plans. (:

@katrin: Very well, thank you for your response. Let us see then what the future brings…