Uploading images without adding EXIF on the phone

I have ~70GB of images and an unusable Mapillary app - documenting my woes at https://forum.mapillary.com/t/bugreport-latest-ios-app-crashing .

If I’d get all the Mapillary data to the computer without adding EXIF tags beforehand (because the app crashes, eh), is there a way to properly upload images with mapillary_tools still?
The GPX file is there, so information seems to be available. Preferably, I could avoid scripting or otherwise processing it all outside of mapillary_tools.

There is software available that matches up gpx and imagery, if I understood your question. Eg Geosetter, GeoTag

Yeah, I’ve used gpsPhoto.pl before.
Was hoping for something simple and requiring one tool only.
That would still be of limited use because of Transferring individual sequences from iPhone , hope to find a solution for that one.