Unusual sightings in Mapillary photos

I can do that on a unicycle.

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hahaha… well, if the airplane turns on it’s lights it would be, no? =-)

What’s the term for this sort of false positive in object recognition? I know that I’ve seen it but can’t remember it off the top of my head.

Mapillary really has a problem with ways of transport on roofs.
It thinks that the car is a building.

@kaitu, OMG, I’m glad you’re OK! Sorry about your car, but at least you’re alive.

That…has to be the most unique Mapillary image ever. And let’s keep it that way…

A pair of sheriff’s deputies with an SUV on the side of the road…but they weren’t giving her a ticket. Instead, they were helping change her tire. Which reminds me, I wanted to write Sheriff Talton a short letter giving kudos to his deputies for that.


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they’ve got fancy undercover dodges now

Want to “walk around” a (no, the :wink: ) Frisian harvesting festival?

I shot almost 6.000 pictures with my YI360. And a few in “image mode”, and the result is quite nice if I may say so :wink:


bold biker

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haha… getting all “bad ass” on a moped.

A giant rubber duck on the River Thames, UK:


huh, did mapillary try to pixelate the beak?

Ha. Yes. Privacy is important!

Legs stick out of the window

Red Cross of the Arctic
I’m sorry, so please erase the image.

Inside the house

Это СНГ-шная культура.

Just a wander through a pine forest;

A green horse:

Garages, for boats:

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modern art.
or maybe that thing at the end of Interstellar