Thanks for dispatching mount to India


Hello All,

Thanks to Mapillary team for sending the mount.

The history of the trail is in 1st attempt I did not receive it and as it was untracked.
Support team was unable to get the sent date.

But when I communicated to Mapillary support team they were so generous that they sent mount again via tracked/registered mail.

It took around 20 days to receive the mount inc customs clearance at Mumbai airport but it got delivered to my address.

I would like to add 1 note.
When you are shipping mounts to India, pls declare price as zero or declare it as gift else Indian customs charge 100% custom duty i.e. if declared price is 10 US$, custom duty would be 10US$ by converting that day’s US$ conversion rate.

I will be giving the mount to local Mapillary contributors in my city when they need it for long journeys.
Some local contributors don’t have mounts yet.

Suggestion regarding mount It’ll be nice to have Mapillary logo on the mount if possible. :slight_smile: That’ll be useful to promote Mapillary even better.

Thanks & Regards,


@abhyankar glad to hear you’ve received it. We’ve had a lot of trouble shipping to India.

I’m not an expert on customs valuation but from what I understand we should not be putting the value as $0. Our shippers need to give an accurate valuation or else we can be liable. A better solution for India in future would be to have local ambassadors help to distribute the mounts.

It’s unfortunate that the customs situation in India is what it is.


I used to received UBUNTU Linux DVD’s several years back from Canonical. [from overseas]
There was no custom duty on it.

I remember Canonical used to attach 1 notification on backside of package which explained about value & exclusion to foreign customs department.

Unfortunately I don’t have that packging anymore. Will try to get it. Will post the details here If I get it.

But yes it’ll be way cheaper to distribute mounts from a city in India to multiple Mapillary contributors in India.