Tenere 700 in the Chestnut forrest at North Greece first video gopro 12

My very first video with gopro 12
in the middle of a fairytale forest…
A natural piste at the top
from a mountain between the villages of Lefki and Elafochori in Kavala Greece…
The place is simply incredible
So here is the whole route

Quickly return it and ask your money back. You cannot do a thing with it for Mapillary.

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I think what he more politely meant was the GoPro Hero 12 is probably not the best camera for contributing to Mapillary because it will probably have some issues with GPS tracking and overheating. I would recommend getting a GoPro MAX if you are able to return your Hero 12 since it can record in 360 degrees at a very high resolution and it’s relatively cheap too!

xmmm i see …
unfortunately i get the gopro used…second hand…
so maybe i sell it in near future

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Alright. Maybe you can attempt making a sequence first. See how well the camera does.