Swedesburg, Iowa ( for the Swedes )

I realized that in driving back south, I passed right by a little unincorporated town of Swedesburg. Just for fun for the Swedes at Mappillary, I made sure to map the entire town. It has a population of 86 people so it didn’t take long to get all the streets both ways including side views. :smile:


Thanks - it is fun just to browse through such small communities.

You’re welcome.

Bonus that Bing / MS doesn’t have it mapped. Google streetview largely doesn’t although they’ve ran up and down the two main roads on the edge of town.

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I’m working on doing the same thing, although not necessarily in one pass. Currently, Mapillary has the only street-level imagery of Morganton, Georgia, not to mention an enormous stretch of highway 60 southeast of the town.

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That’s a great area to visit. I’m jealous. Enjoy those drives. :slight_smile:

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