Google DELETES their own Street View!

A few months ago I was exploring the CPKC railroad again in Minnesota on Google Street View. In the small town of Eagle Lake MN I noticed a strange looking gate on a crossing and I had came back to check and see if Street View had updated (To make sure the gate was still there).


I swear that there was 100% a snapshot more recent than 2019 and there was a huge storm in the distance on the blue line on the same street as this crossing. I didn’t think much of this at the time, since I didn’t have concrete proof that they deleted recent street view. Well today that changes!

Today I checked again at a small town in Oelwein, IA. For context, I had created a map which has Street View photos and links included at each crossing in the town, and I wanted to make sure any crossings had not been removed or changed. And I couldn’t believe my eyes!



Google Maps And here is the link for 2021 that doesn’t work anymore!

I now have concrete proof now that Google is actually deleting their own Street View! Not even old sequences from 2007 mind you. These sequences deleted in Oelwein and the surrounding area was all taken in May 2021! I’m still flabbergasted by what I have discovered here. Who knows how many hundreds (Or thousands) of useful sequences Google has deleted already!

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They also deleted a picture of a contributor figuring me.

But who are you to complain, you blur your own picture.

Which picture are you taking about?

That red circle on the left of your name.

Oh ok, I guess you didn’t know what mining and crafting is lol.