Suggestions on how to improve the forum


Please share your ideas on how we can make this forum a great place. I’m hoping we can make sure that all members can use their Mapillary account to log into the forum as well.



Suggestion topics will soon be quite complicated to follow, as all suggestions and answers are part of a same single thread. Posting a statement that summarizes the list of all suggestions and corresponding statuses, from time to time (weekly?), will be useful. Or any better way to keep track.


Take away badges as a sanction for spelling mistakes.
The first unreadable post has arrived.
Due to forum guidelines I may not say who wrote it.
Some lazy people take away seconds of our life.


The semi-flat forum style will take some time to get used to if you have been using traditional (dare I say unmodern) forums for 20 years like I have. I guess something we can do now is to keep the first post updated with suggestions.

As you will see, this post will show up in two places – nested as a reply to your post, and also at the bottom of the discussion.

I think this is a good thing after thinking about it, you get the best of two worlds; easy to stay updated with the latest posts (at the end), but you can also see all related replies (nested).


I’m not really following, what do you mean by sanction for spelling mistakes? And what post are you talking about? You can DM me if you don’t want to talk about it here.


What about replying to the post you are referring to? Just to (kindly) explain the user who posted it that you do not understand what he/she meant? This is the best way to have it improved, this would save seconds of many users’ lifes.


Oh yes, I missed the arrow that allows viewing nested answers. Thanks!

Keeping the first post updated is nevertheless a good idea, as one who didn’t follow will have a chance to see all suggestions (at least all suggestion titles) without having to read the whole thread.


I have updated my post about app suggestions now, we’ll see how it works out.


Due to my very bad English knowledge, I’m afraid that I lose all my badges… :smile:


Nice to have this forum now!
But I spent minutes with my existing Mapillary credentials trying to log in to the forum, without success.

Is it possible to add a hint in the log-in screen whether users can use their existing Mapillary account data, or (like I did now) create a new account only for the forum with the identical username?

By now, is it correct to create a new forum account next to the “old” mapillary account?

Because Sandra mentioned above that she is “hoping we can make sure that all members can use their Mapillary account to log into the forum as well.”


Loving the new forum, it’s a very different format to what I’m used to but I really like it

One thing I would love to see is someway to just paste a link and it be “linkified” automatically rather than having to remember code

Most people don’t have a clue about even the most basic code (html, bbcode etc) and are more used to Facebook /twitter etc where a pasted link just becomes a link


I’d appreciate to have a RSS newsfeed for latest topics to see latest discussion here in my Thunderbird.


The forums should get a link from the main page where there is now: “How It Works Explore Developers Business Blog” otherwise it is hard to find.


I think it is important that we welcome people who participates. There can be many reasons people make mistakes and most of them are not laziness. Most of Mapillarys users does not have English as their native language but they still contribute valuable images. Mapillary would be worthless if they only had coverage in native English speaking countries.


Nice to hear that you like the forum!

Right now you need to create a new account specifically for the forum. We have not yet made the integration with Mapillary credentials and forum log in. We have it on our list so hopefully we can implement that in the future. I’ll also look into if I can clarify that somewhere.



Happy to hear that you like it!

Did not realise that it did not automatically created a link. Let us look into that!



Yeah, we are doing a few changed the website and will make sure to make it more visible on our site. We did put it here in the meantime but will make improvements.


Excellent forum, but the users may login with the same mapillary account, without create a new specific account. :slight_smile:

Forum should recognize mapillary login

Hi @dalacost, we agree with you. It is on our to-do list so hopefully we will get to that soon.



I found this software supports RSS, use for your newsreader, but it is not linked in the header.