Suggestions on how to improve the forum


I just joined the forum tonight and wanted to chime in from 2017 that single sign on (signing into Mapillary forum with user/pass) is still a desirable feature.


Avatars appear to be broken on quoted text from other users here on the forum.


Welcome @natelawrence and thanks for your input! Let’s see what we can do =)


I too was unable to use my Mappillary account for the forum. No matter what I did I’d come back to the statement that there is no Mappillary account under my email, even though my email is posted on my. Profile page.
The first time I created a new account and was able to post, when I came back to the forum an hour later I was told my account did not exsist (sp)
This forum account is using my 3rd email.
I agree that a hint might help. In any event, the creation and maintaining of a forum account would benefit from being made easier.


I’d like there to be a super easy way to find the forums. I’d like for there to be a direct link under the 3 lines in the upper left, where the “settings” are found.
In my case the only way I found the forums was a result of prolific comments on pictures and beta reports with comments. In time I got an email from a member of the team with a link and an invite to the forums. This email link is still how I find the Mappillary forums.
The more contributors who can find the forums the better they will be.


I propose to improve the functionality of the forum. Add a “Say thanks” button under each user message. This will help one person to express gratitude to others for helping with their problem. When you click on the message, write: “Thank you: nickname1, nickname2”…

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better organized categories.

I am looking to find out
‘best equipment for capture’

  • 360 cams - vehicle capture 30mph-40mph
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