Spherical photos on android, and using phone/app without car

  1. Seeing as the android app has a very limited capture mode, is it possible to use another app capable of taking spherical photos and upload them to mapillary? If yes, are there any open source spherical photo apps i could use?

  2. The app, and mapillary as a whole, seems very oriented towards putting your phone in a holder and having the app running while driving. Should i just not use the app if i don’t have a car?

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You can upload any picture with a GPS tag to mapillary (up to a size of 20 MB). I do this with my Panono pictures also.
And you can use mapillary wherever you like. There is no limit.
E.g. I did some hiking tracks, some path in the wood or festivals, no places a car would go to.
Also some train tracks^


There is both the web uploader, which is easy to use but has problems with large amounts of images, but also the Python scripts that handles pretty much any amount of images. You can use the same method for images from action cameras and other sources. Please give me a ping if you need a pointer for something.

Ah, nice!
But that leaves the question of what app to use to capture the spherical panoramas, is there an open source one? If not, which proprietary app is the best?

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It depends of what camera you use. If you have a dedicated panoramic camera, the app that comes with that is usually the way to go.

If you plan to stitch photos, you could take the pictures with your favorite app and stitch them in Hugin, but that is not an easy task. I have used Googles camera with great success. However, it is very time consuming to take all the pictures needed for a stitched panoramic image. I strongly suggest a dedicated cameras for this task.

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I’d love to get a 360° camera at some point, but i can’t afford it right now.
I can’t seem to find the google camera app on the play store though, only cardboard camera and the street view app…

There’s a 3D camera mode within the street view application where you take multiple regular photos and it will stitch it for you. You can export it out of the app and share I anywhere you please, such as Mapillary