Capturing 360degree spehrical images with android device for Mapillary

I came accross this posting: kaxtillo's Diary | Vídeo tutorial para hacer fotografías 360° en Mapillary | OpenStreetMap

which links further to a tutorial on youtube how that user captures sperical panorama images with a (special?) camera app on his android device.

At timestamp 0:24 minutes of that video, there is an app visible called “Camara de google” which seems to have the ability to create those fantastic spherical panoramas.

But I am NOT able to find that app via Google Playstore on my phone, on my tablet, and also not when entering on any normal web browser.

  1. Why am I not able to install that app on my device? are YOU able to
    find it and install it?

  2. Are there any alternative apps that can
    produce spherical panoramas like in that tutorial, that are usable
    for Mapillary purposes?

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and see this “photosphere”

Well, after an intensive internet search it seems that the google camera app availability depends on your device,your android version, and maybe even your country.

The app that I am looking for is offered for example by (good source?),
see Google Camera APKs - APKMirror

On my devices with android 4.x or 5.x it seems to need not the latest app version, but version 2.xx, because app version needs Android 6.x

I will install that app manually and give it a try, and report back here.

Anyone other with experience / feedback?

Now I managed to take my first panorama JPEG file for testing purposes, after I installed the mentioned apk file manually on my device.

Next task to find a viewer for that image on a desktop PC. After some searching, I found “FPSViewer” which has also a non-installer version for Windows systems.

So for more testing purposes I want ask:

Is there a feature in Mapillary map view to find those spherical panorama images that were uploaded by users??

Yes, of course :slight_smile: Here’s a panorama that I shoot with Google Camera:

If you choose this course of photo shooting, make sure to:

  1. Have a huge amount of patience:
    a) it takes some time to shoot all the 24 photos, you have to be sure to not forget any area of the screen (if you take attention, in one of the shots there is a black hole)
    b) it takes some time (up to three minutes, in my former Moto X 1st generation) to stitch the panorama. There is no option to do that later, you have to wait the processing before taking a next one
    c) sometimes the stitch process simply fails, the camera app crashes and you have to do it again

  2. Have a big amount of free space on the phone, the stitch processing uses a lot of space even though the final JPG result is ~8MB. This was the result of some trial and error, my Moto X 1st was 16GB and always lacking free space, and I realized that I had to have at least ~1GB free to render the images correctly

  3. Have an external battery, because the stitch processing is very CPU consuming and it will drain your battery faster than shooting regular pictures.

Also, if you have a Samsung phone, the Samsung camera app (at least in Galaxy S5) has this option baked in. Maybe you have to download a camera extension app from within Samsung App Store or something like that, but my point is if you have a Samsung phone you don’t need to go looking for apk on external websites.

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Hello Nighto,

indeed very nice pictures you captured!

I will try to find appropriate places where these spherical panoramas will be nice here, too.

But again my question about displaying:

Is there a feature in Mapillary’s map view on a desktop browser to filter out all normal tracks with normal images, and only display these panorama images?

Thank you.

I believe it is currently not possible.

If you are logged in, you can use the option Edit > Lock to sequence to view only panoramas (or regular photos, if that’s the case) of a given sequence. But there’s no option to jump between different panoramas sequences, nor there is an option to use this option if you are not logged in.


@xerst, @nighto is completely right, it is not currently possible. But I will make a mark of this feature request and hopefully one day it will move high enough on the long todo list of the Mapillary team :wink:


By the way:

Does anybody know an app for iPhone / iPad that is able to produce such spherical images?

The Google Street View app kan produce pretty nice 360 photos, and they can also be exported to other applications. However, it produces them by shooting multiple plain photos in a number of directions and stitch them together in the app, which is a time consuming action. It’s takes ~5 min per picture.
Newer iphones and ipads are faster than old ones.
I don’t know if the export feature stamp the pictures with gps and compass info.

I have tried some other 360 apps for iphone, but they produce pretty lousy pictures, compared to the Street view app.
The best you can do is to get a 360 cam.