Show stiched picture in one spot as panaorama

In very early versions of Mapillary there was a special mode allowing you to take panorama (and I think I remember that the would get stitched together as one)
I read in another post that you are not diretly stiching photos together but just making them turnable.
It looks pretty good when you switch between two images. The only thing that bothers me is that you can use the mouse to pan around. You always have to use the little arrows on the bottom. I think it would be nice that when you “grab” the image and move it left around, that instead of limiting it to one picture, the other pictures would fade in like when you transition from one to another. That would make handling panoramic images that are taken without a 360° cam much easier and nicer.


@Hedaja Thanks for your request and explaining it so well! If you have uploaded an image that has been stitched together into a panorama beforehand, you’ll be able to pan that just like a 360 image. But as you have pointed out, it’s currently not possible when it’s different images on Mapillary, even though they might have quite the overlap. I’ll make sure your suggestion gets discussed in the team.