Sequences uploaded with wrong date

Noticed a strange new behavior that I’ve never observed before with sequence 42C3QcZGTB6hEwyU8duk9F. This was captured yesterday afternoon (Sun 07-Nov-2021) with a GoPro Max 360 camera and uploaded via the command line mapillary_tools as I always do.

When I went to check the status I observe the sequence was not listed in the right pane of the web page. Browsing around showed the images have been uploaded but are mis-tagged as being from 02-Jan-2016

1/ “My guess is as good as yours”:

2/ can you reproduce the error?

3/ spot your user name uploaded sequence which appears to have been taken 6 Nov.'21 ; thus likely rule out flat battery caused revert to factory settings; plus that ‘oldest’ settable year on Hero9 is 2020, on hero(2018) 2018 ; Max launched in between, therefore unlikely to (re-)set calendar to before 2019? (but please check!): wrong date may then not be caused in the camera?

Next cause would be somewhere in processing : clock in computer / tablet etc lost track of time? Software used to transfer inadvertently set different date?

Not sure what we’d learn, could you view Exif dates in downloaded files? Off the top of the head the Hero9 pics have seven exif date/time entries scattered over various sections ; one shows GPS-date+time taken : is that one correct? Is it correct if you access the SD-card with some exif-tool?

Met vriendelijke groet (Dutch for 'with friendly greeting),