Retrieving the camera make (eg. GoPro) through graph API


Is there any way to identify the camera make (ie. GoPro Hero 9, samsung SM-A326B, etc.) through the information that is returned by the API?

This kind of detail is available in the image details section on the web application (“captured with” field), as can be seen in the following screenshot
Screenshot 2022-06-09 at 12.30.41 PM

However, I can’t see anything relevant in the API documentation.



Let me provide some more info on the reason behind this need.

We have been contributing photos from agricultural areas in Cyprus during the past year (around 300k images so far) and we initially used an android phone. Recently we added a GoPro Hero 9 camera as well, which is a great improvement as the images are less likely to be blurry (we have the cameras mounted on the side-window and the quality of the pictures is affected by the vehicle speed and the distance of objects to the moving lens).

Now, we are developing a library to interact with this imagery, like retrieving:

  • the sequence ids of our organization (or user)
  • the image ids of these sequences
  • the image metadata
  • more will be added, including detections etc.

Various other functionalities will be implemented (and the GitHub repo will be shared here as well for anyone who wants to use!).

Now, given we have 2 different cameras, it would be really useful to be able to filter them by the camera make through the api.

There is a workaround for this, as we can use the original image width field (which is 2560 for the android phone camera and 5184 for the GoPro Hero 9). But it would be nice to be able to do it in a more straightforward (and less hacky) way.

Thanks again!

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