Remove unwanted areas of 360 Photos

I am collecting 360 degree photos I would like to upload for street view imagery, but it contains my vehicle and camera equipment in the same place in every image. I want to remove these from the photos.

Does anyone know of software that will remove that region and replace it with something else (blank area or blurred content-aware area, similar to Google Street View images) automatically, through some sort of batch process?

Dear @adventurediscover .

One way is to place some small (plastic?) sheet -to act as a mask- between the camera base and the tripod / mount : it takes a bit of trial and error but eventually you’ll be able to mask most or all of the vehicle and camera. This will leave the height:width ratio intact, which is important for Mapillary’s 360-algoritm*.

Another way is to crop the photo - most likely along the bottom edge ; free software which has worked well for over 20 years is XnViewMP - from XnView. Right-click one or more image(s) , pick ‘batch convert’ > crop : you can set any amount of pixels to be removed from one or more sides of the photo and there are other options to set the part to be cropped.

  • Please keep in mind : Mapillary recognises 360-degree photos by height:width ratio , must be exactly 1:2 - that’s why the other way may need to be augmented with enlarging the canvas - that option is available.

Hope this helps you work out what’ll work best under your circumstances,

met vriendelijke groet,

Try the approach documented here: How to Add a Custom Nadir to a 360 Photo Programmatically | Trek View

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