Regarding ' validate our computer vision algorithms' & slow moving vehicle pattern


I read latest September 2019 newsletter and learnt about validating computer vision algorithm challange.

I have few comments & queries for ‘Wheeled Slow Vehicle’ aka ‘WSV’.

  • Do we have any FAQ which defines what is Wheeled slow vehicle?
  • I am particularly in doubt if those motorcycles running on petrol from images captured in some where in Asia falls under ‘Wheeled slow vehicle’? As I am from India, I know the max speed limit/speedometer on those manual gear motorcycles i.e. 120 km/hour and more.
  • Secondly I also notice, this pattern has some issues. Out of 10 images, 3 image detected by algorithm is false. For example the algorithm detecting metal strip at corner of high way as ‘WSV’ & sometimes small kid, some statues outside shops are being detected as ‘WSV’.