Reducing eyefish effect on GoPro

I have this 2 commands for reduce the eyefish effect on my gopro hero 3.

for wide photos

convert 20150917_114104.jpg -distort barrel '0.06335 -0.18432 -0.13009' salida.jpg

for medium photos

convert 20150917_114104.jpg -distort barrel '0.01359 -0.06034 -0.10618' salida.jpg

but i remember read that it is processed in server side. so, is useful add this to my workflow ?

I extracted this numbers from here:

@dalacost We are doing the fisheye reduction on the server side. So you can skip the processing before your upload. Look forward to your photos!!

ok, thanks for answer. do you know how much long take this process by server? I saw some images are not processed yet.

Usually it will take 10mins to 1hour depending on the upload traffic. Can you give me a link to the images that haven’t not been processed? Thanks?

I do not know if eliminating the fish eye effect is the same as edge correction. I unchecked it on my Garmin Virb XE, and see here the result :

I would like an insight on the processing of the pictures. e.g. If pictures are unexplicably not SFM connected, is there a hope it will improve in a following run, without new pictures ?

There is a do it directly on the gopro