Privacy concern related with trackers in app


Does Mapillary really need to use 9 trackers in it’s app, with some of them running in background even when the app is closed?

For example, I always see a TelemetryService running in my phone:


Some are completely legitimate, like CrashLytics, which is used to collect info when the app crashes. It is listed as a tracker because it does reveil information and depending on which app it can collect private information.

But others like Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics are the evil kind that collects private information. As Mapillary is a sweedish company, and thus falls under the GDPR, it could be nice to ask if they have a data processor agreement with Google and Facebook. It would be really nice it people would just stop using those trackers, unless they make money on advertising. Mapillary would not have to do this.


Unfortunately it’s common for developers to make use of the Facebook, Google and other libraries. They offer a lot of functionality but they’re also vampires when it comes to users data. I hope the developer world is waking up to the problems they bring.


Also, in the new versions of the application, not gps, but gms is displayed. For me, more unexpected in another application (in one application?) Was the rigid position of the screen at which the camera is on top and, accordingly, can remove the environment, and not the user’s legs / chest.
In principle, protecting privacy is not so difficult.