Polfilter for GoPro



Has someone some suggestion for a circular polarize filter (CPL) for a GoPro Hero 7 to get rid of the windshield reflection?

Thank you very much


It just happens I got one today. A polarpro venture series.
It was just a random choice, I know nothing about the matter.
I already applied non reflective tape to the interior of my car.
But there is still reflection from the vents in the dashboard. I cannot cover those or the camera might overheat or the windscreen might fog.
And the low sun in front is not nice also.

You will see the results from the first of may on.

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I went for the generic telesin one, as it seems to be the better one among the cheap chinese versions, has a bolt to hold on to the lens and is not too expensive if it doesn’t work out.


But this is the squared pol filter? - how you then adjust the angle of the polarisation? or is there one which can be rotated?


That is indeed a square one with no settings.


yep, it is squared. i figured I won’t be able to adjust it on the fly anyway, so a fixed polarisation works for me


Here an accidental picture of how I cover the inside of my car in the fight against reflections.


Ehm, small question, why didn’t you delete those?