Blackvue dashcam without and with polarizing filter

From 23th of june on, I have repetitively uploaded my usual trips.

I also made big trips with my Blackvue dashcam without polarizing filter and my( Gopro Hero 7 Black with polarizing filter).
The purpose is to compare the dashcam pictures without and with a polarizing filter.

I installed the filter on the fifth of july.

The main question is if the filter does not make the pictures too dark. Could a real photographer with a luxmeter not verify. Are the texts on the boards as lisible ?
In what conditions should a filter not be used ?


wouldn’t normally use a filter when it’s getting darker, but overall there isn’t much of a loss. you can always do some post processing as well, I guess.
I will be trying to attach a cpl to a virb because shooting in sunny weather from inside a car without one is makes image quality 720p-like

From my photographing experience.
A polarizing filter is used to darken the blue of the sky, resulting in more contrast to the clouds.

For what you want, to get the lighting of the sky balanced with the ground, you’d need HDR photography.
That is not what a polarizing filter is for.
Its main use, is to take away reflected light, like in the surface of water or on shiny asphalt.

Maybe your GoPro has an option to measure the light otherwise, more focused to the down part of the image to brighten up the photo’s.
If not, just point the camera more downwards so it will match the lighting to the ground.
This will cause the sky to be overexposed, and makes the objects and road brighter.

What I want is to alleviate the disturbing reflections from the inside of my car. I covered as much as possible with black cloth. I also use non reflective black tape. I remove all objects from the passenger seat and the floor. I wear black pants.
But even that is not enough. In the last pictures my hands on the steering wheel were visible.
The best thing to do is to buy a new car with a short nose and a vertical windscreen.

Use a (large diameter) carton tube, cut out a lens cap that fits your front window screen.
Make it black inside if needed.
Cheaper than another car :slight_smile:

fix - 1





fix - 2