Plans for the new year

It seems I won a task in Antwerp.
Last year I warned that no one would be motivated. Even the man who filled in the form did not do a thing.

In a few days I will complete my three years mission. To extend my territory futher would be a waste of fuel. This year I would like that the orange and yellow roads turn green. For the province of Antwerp that will be easy. But for the other provinces, that would be too expensive.
I’ll do some of those roads along the highway I pass anyway.

So what is left ?

  • some touristic tracks
  • some (new) bicycle highways.
  • a few pictures in places where I stop anyway
  • holiday pictures

Then it is up to Mapillary. I wait for tracks covering roads that have been done only one way or with only bad quality pictures.
The expertise in attributing points in competitions should help them.

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