March Capture Tasks - #CompletetheMap

Creating this thread to share some the latest capture tasks and the stories behind them. You can find them in the Mapillary Tasker:

  1. Visit Mapillary
  2. Click the hamburger menu icon in the top left
  3. Select Mapillary Tasker
  4. Browse the list of open tasks.
  5. Select one to see more information.
  • #CompletetheMap Antwerp: This task was created by @ssoetens to collect imagery which can assist the mapping of bike infrastructure throughout the city. It’s a large area which will require a community effort. @filipc, @koninklijke, and @escada have been leading the charge thus far.
  • #CompletetheMap A7 Flensburg: There is quite a lot of construction taking place on the A7 between Hamburg and Flensburg. We have an open image capture task with the objective being to improve OpenStreetMap data on speed limits, the number of lanes, and the road surface. If you’re travelling along this way, your images would be a huge help for OpenStreetMap.
  • #CompletetheMap Goleniów: This is another #CompletetheMap task that aims to improve bike infrastructure, but this time in this Polish town of Goleniów.
  • #CompletetheMap M’diq: If you’re passing through Eastern Morocco, you might be interested in the image capture task in M’Diq. The aim to map the entirety of the town to collect more traffic sign data.

You can take part in any of these by capturing and uploading images in the zone during the task dates.

Feel free to share your own tasks or task ideas here and to discuss the above.