Peltier cooling with USB

I switched from smartphone to Gopro. The Gopro shuts down at 51 degrees Celsius. So that won’t be a problem for me any more.
But the trouble with the Gopro remote gives me a headache :).
Does anyone know of a gadget like this one, without DIY ?

I am surprised it would even need to get hot. Possibly the LCD backlight is the culprit?

Overheating is a big problem with image capturing smartphones.

Maybe I was not clear enough. I have no heating problem with the Gopro Hero.
I have not measured it, but I estimate the temperature behind the windscreen with sun in it at 35 degrees.
So there is not a big gap.
I’ll ask my dog :slight_smile:
Yes, you are the expert in Australia, but you work with a dashcam.

@filipc, thanks for clarifying that. I hadn’t heard of action cams having trouble with heat until some pretty high temps, like 50C+.

Like you said, it’s a common problem for smartphones. I’ve had decent results with the Garmin Virb Elite. For anyone with just a camera, you may still be able to nab one for @$150.

Think of these things as tools. Multi function tools are great but they have their drawbacks. Having a tool that specializes in one thing, an action camera, helps a ton.

I had one overheating issue of smartphone while collecting in Madagascar, during austral winter. Battery’s temperature reached +75°C. Adding some cooling would be welcome but I’m note sure that a USB powered peltier cooling would be enough.

Strange that Open Street Cam only works with smartphones.
And big distances between pictures.

I’d suggest that in overall engineering terms smartphones were designed more for low latency and restricted dimensions, but not prolonged high CPU loads. Laptops with similar grunt all have cooling systems and/or heat pumps.

My view is that Peltier is quite a power hog (low efficiency) and that if going to the trouble of something external will be better served by an air flow/fan box. If in a vehicle perhaps directing an air vent up at the phone would help.