[iOS] Mapillary overheating while KartaView keeps on running normal

I have an iPhone 11 and 13 and Mapillary is always over heating while KartaView (old openstreetcam) runs normal when using in parallel. Also overheating when using the function to dim the screen while capturing.

Both iPhones placed above the dashboard against the front window next tot each other so identical setup.

Is the mapillary app using more energy to run causing this to happen?

Thanks, Dashcam

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Thank you for the report @Dashcam - there can be a number of things affecting this (like frequency and resolution of capture). Just to verify:

  1. Have you tried running Mapillary on the phone that isn’t overheating and KartaView on the other?
  2. Are the phones set to charge? Charging while capturing can also increase likelihood of overheating.
  3. Approximately how soon after you start capture does the overheat happen?

cc: @Anders

Fortunately, Mapillary removed the temperature indicator during acquisition so temperature is no more an issue.


Same for accuracy. No display, no problem.

Thanks for the feedback @Dashcam. I’ve done some optimizations and managed to lower CPU usage by approximately 40%. The improvements might not be ready/available in the next release, but in that case, it will be in the release after. Hopefully that will help with overheating.

This is a very important topic so please keep us updated.

@Eric_S iOS doesn’t have an API for temperature in degrees. It only provides an API for thermal state, i.e. nominal, serious etc. Out of curiosity, why is the exact temperature/GPS status useful to know? I’m happy to forward that to our designer.

Sorry, I didn’t see that it was iOS related.

For temperature, I want to know if my device is in the way of overheating or not.

For accuracy, I’m using RTK. First, I need to know if RTK is running well. Centimeter accuracy will show you instantaneously if RTK is performing well or not without switch to the RTK client itself (although, as now Mapillary app is switching to thumbnail, on can see both Mapillary app and the RTK client). Second, although RTK is running well, coordinates may not be transmitted to Mapillary if I forgot to activate mock location. Again, displaying accuracy in Mapillary allows to easily detect such an issue.

Hello Boris

Thanks for your message.
So on the iPhone 14 Pro Max the overheating message shows after approx 3-5 min and on the iPhone 11 Pro is starts after 7-8 min.
This is while charging both GSMs at the same time.
The problem also happens when using Mapillary on the iPhone 11 yes.
Basically when running the KartView it never overheats and with the Mapillary always.

Thanks, regards Dashcam

Hey Dashcam, in the latest version we have decreased CPU usage with 40%. If you have the time, let us know if that helps with your overheating problems.

I still think there are more things we can improve, but it’s a start.