Experience with Mobile Devices and Mapillary app


Just a few experiences with my mobiles.
First: all mobiles do have android and device encryption enabaled, also SD-Card storage.

  1. Motorola G2 - works quite fine with android 5.1, not faster than one pic each 2-3 sec, only low resolution
  2. HTC one M7 - fine mobile, slower, each 2 sec fine, low resolution
  3. Huawei Honor 6 - NO encryption, Android 4.4, works fine, quite steady, useful, long running, one pic every 2 sec
  4. HTC One M9 - high resolution 20MP camera, quite fast, but gets hot very fast and battery is empty very fast. I use a pciture every 3 sec and without a mobile case, after 20-30 min I made > 500 pictures and mobile is very hot, but still goes on making pictures every 3 sec, it is throttled, though. With a case (bicycle mount), it start to throw “could not take image” after it got hot. Solution is to stop, let it cool down and start again. A pain in the ***
    With a full loaded battery I can get ~2000 pictures, or 2 hours of riding the bike with it. With each 3 sec, I get a picture every 15m roughly. Far to far for the new 3D feature of mapillary, need to go along the route at least 3-5 times.


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Samsung Galaxy Nexus - No issues, runs smoothly, both on battery and charger

HTC One M8 - Serious overheating issues which can be resolved by lowering the brightness of the screen. When the phone stays cool, the app runs smoothly, once it starts to heat up, there are frequent crashes

My LG Nexus 5 runs fine, but as with all Android devices they only handle movement in good lighting.
My Sony Xperia Z2 takes better images, but I still have to try many times to finish galleries of just a couple of hundred pictures. The upload thread seems to die one after one until nothing comes through. I have not had the time to make logs and post an issue to Github (sorry).

On Samsung Galaxy Note 4 despite of option for focusing set to “infinity” some shots (about 30 of 150) seems focused on a windshield.
Seems this device makes bad images - always blurry.

Can Mapillary do something like a hall of fame of devices on scale of a good for mapping?
Separate for smartphones, dashcams, and action cams?
Currently mapillary have a huge array of photos tagged with exif by device name.


Hi there,
if you join the alpha testing on Google Play (https://play.google.com/apps/testing/app.mapillary) you should get the latest Mapillary App version 1.52 that should have the focus issues and picture size issues fixed. Please test and get back to if you have problems.



add-on to my first post: honor 6 got Android 5.1.1, and I got a Honor 7 with Android 5.1.1.
Before Android App Version 1.52 the mobiles used the highest 4:3 resolution on Mapillary app, in case of Honot 6 thats 13MP, in case of HTC One M9 it was 16MP, not 20MP.
Now with 1.52 the HTC One M9 and the Honor 7 do 20MP pictures with mapillary app.
Need to get new experience with this resolution now.


I have Mapillary 1.55 version-Android Samsung Galaxy mini- 4. 4 .2. I wonder why
a. there is no + when I turn on the camera
b. it does not take a single photo. Ergo no sequence to upload- totally empty feed after 3 attempts.
I am close to tears! I am confused! What have I missed?


can you try to send me the logs from the main menu drawer? I would love to debug what is happening on your phone! Also, for faster feedback and new versions, feel free to join the Beta-Tester program via the app drawer also, so I can push out new builds faster to you.


So things are working ok now @Amiga4000?


@iav feedback on Mapillary-good phones is a great suggestion - we could start that in the wiki over at https://github.com/mapillary/UserGuide/wiki/Capturing with tips?


oh yes thank you @Peter. I just send the debug logs, right? I will do so now! And I did look for the beta tester yesterday. I’ll try again now!


Sure, it’s good place. But can you generate statistics of a good and bad cameras by array of photos?
For a while one that I can say - Samsung Galaxy S4 captures good enough, but Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and S6 have problems with focusing.

the huawei honor 7 work fine now, except the storage issue^^
Will keep a eye on it.


Still having issues. I don’t think I do anything wrong. Turn on the sat.navigation, turn on the camera- no response. Still a huge 0, I sprained my ankle so was only out yesterday shortly. . Same trouble as before. So does /has anybody ever tried this ?
I’m about to quit now.

And you you don’t get a yellow or green GPS icon?

we are no starting to do something about overheating and camera speed issues, see https://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_issues/issues/2013#issuecomment-263148634

I use a Huawei Y5 II, very good quality, long battery life. When I make a picture every second or every 10 meter after 1 hour with bicycle battery life is still 70%. Also quite stable when driving on paving stone roads mounted on bicycle with cheap mount. Recommend this relative cheap Huawei.

Sometimes use a second old mobile (Samsung GT 6300) for sidewards view, not so content about its quality. Blurry. Less resolution. But on straight roads fine as a second camera directed sidewards or backwards.

Can you explain what kind of storage issue you are facing? But i have solution of the one of main storage issue that is low space in your device. Following are some instructions,when you apply this you will surely notice change:

  1. Go to Settings.
    Select Applications.
    Select Manage Applications.
    Find the application you want to move and click on it.
    Press the option for Move to SD Card.
  2. Open the Settings app, tap Storage (it should be in the System tab or section). You’ll see how much storage is used, with details for cached data broken out. Tap Cached Data. In the confirmation form that appears, tap Delete to free up that cache for working space, or tap Cancel to leave the cache alone.
  3. Uninstall apps that you don’t use.
    Move or downsize your pictures.
    Remove videos.
    Delete your music.
    Delete your downloads.
    Look for other large folders and files.
    Clear the cache.
    Remove bloatware.
    Reference: Huawei Honor7 Manual.

Galaxy S6, with case, heats up fast and will quit. Mounted in the open window or on cool mornings with the a.c. on high the S6 will take about 11,000 photos. This is by far the fastest phone/camera I have for uploading.
S7 also has heat issues, will only hold about 9,000 photos. (These have 128 gig SD cards) no cases on the S7s, one has already fallen and now needs replacing.
I switched all phone /cameras to 3 meters/distance after looking at a few streams of pictures.
5 meters on the highway, even on back roads does not stitch the pictures well.
I’d like a work around for the heating up