Newbie question: Use Mapillary-JS in Angular2 MapboxGLJS project, how to import?

Hi there,

I’m new to the Mapillary.

I try to use the mapillary-js in my angular2 based mapbox GL-JS project. However, the import typescript causes a lot of conflictions with the existing libraries. I want to import { View } from ‘mapillary-js’. I’m assuming I need to exclude certain libraries since they’re already in my projects. Is there any example for using mapillary-js with angular 2 MapboxGL project? How to import the type definition?

Hey @ema,
depending which version of Angular2 you’re using (rc-* or stable) you have to import mapillary-js (either through system-js or Webpack as a global on window (either minified or not) and declare type definitions yourself; unfortunately we don’t generate them yet alongside mapillary-js. We don’t support code splitting and tree shaking yet, the libraries have to be included twice.
I know this is not optimal, but we have it on a roadmap to get the typedefs in and proper typescript imports, so everything will be simpler soon. Please check every now and then. The support for that should land soon.

For now, the following typedef should get you started

declare namespace mapillaryjs {
  export class Viewer {
    constructor(viewerId: string, cliendId: string, imageKey: string, options?: any);

declare module 'mapillary-js' {
  export = mapillaryjs;


I tried the type definition provided. It’s getting this error:

Error in :0:0 caused by: Cannot read property 'classList' of null . 

I tried the simplest constructor in my Angular2 app as following.

this.mly = new Viewer(

I was also periodically checking the mapillary-js project, but it seems there is no update on the type definition for Angular2. Could you shed in some lights?

Hi @ema. I created a repository for you to check out. It uses a lot of other tools around just angular, but the important things are in this commit. We are tracking the issue here. Good luck!

Thank you for quick response! Actually I just realized that error I posted earlier “Cannot read property ‘classList’ of null” . is not related to the type definition. It’s related to the constructor of the Viewer, which a separate issue. The mapillary was imported correctly.

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