Client Access Token? MapillaryJS

Trying to use node.js and a CDN to try and set up a simple localhost to experiment how to incorporate Mapillary maps, but i cant get it to work at all.

I’m following the docs, and set my script like this:

  var {Viewer} = mapillary;

  var viewer = new Viewer({
    accessToken: '<your access token>',
    container: 'mly', // the ID of our container defined in the HTML body
    imageId: '<your image ID for initializing the viewer>',

I took the Client Token in my dev dashboard and entered it there, but i still get errors like this:

Anyone have any idea? I’m familiar with Client IDs and Client Secrets, but this is new for me…

@nikola do you know this by a chance?

Nvm I got it to work, in the end it was just the Client Token that I needed… I just happened to make another mistake that caused it not to work when i tried it before :smiling_face_with_tear:

Still… a system with a client token like this is quite strange to me, I wonder why the devs didn’t choose for the default Client Token generation

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