New Mapillary Capture Project

Anyone have any experience with this yet?

Any chance we can get an option in the routing map to take into account mapping in the ghetto. You don’t want to drive back and forth too often past the same spot. Some “characters” will assume that you’re up to something and deal with the problem themself.

Today we’re announcing Capture Projects to help cities, mapmakers, and transportation agencies everywhere ramp up imagery and map data collection. With the release of a new project dashboard and an accompanying app, called Mapillary for Drivers, organizations can now manage an unlimited number of drivers to capture street-level imagery at any given point, rapidly escalating how quickly maps can be updated at scale.

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It looks fresh off the press. It’s a shame it’s organization user only, and driver/road centric. It also seems to imply that if you say “I want this area covered” the drivers will just appear. I can imagine some organised OSM mapping work maybe using this, but I doubt seeing people going out of their own way/priorities to participate.

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I don’t want to fill grids.

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I’d like to see the routing-within-a-defined-grid-function for private users in the future. Can be helpful in areas you’re not at home.