New Main Website Brokenzed

FYI It looks like in Chrome and MSIE the little accept / close pop up in the middle ain’t able to close out. In Chrome it’ll show the X but can’t close it by clicking on it or ESC key. And it seems to block / disable the links for the same stuff. Similar problem in MSIE. Firefox was fine. I didn’t bother looking at it with MS Edge.

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Thanks @allen-- looking into it now

You’re welcome. These boards have that sweet copy / paste feature for images. So it makes it easy to share a screen shot.

I hit it with Chrome just now and the home page is working well. Old school MSIE isn’t working.

Edge is a bit goofy . YOu can’t really see the link is there but you can at least click it.

And btw I love that new landing page. Something about it just feels clean and sophisticated.