Need blur explanations

Hello all,

I’ve looked almost everywhere and can’t find details explanations about blurring. Sorry if I’ve missed it. So I’ll ask some question about blurring as I need more details to know what should be blurred, and what shouldn’t, not to make mistakes.

The help states that billboards and ads have to be unblurred. Means unblurred entirely, or the brand name should remain blurred ?
How about shop signs? I can see many of them blurred. Should it all be unblurred? Or what are the rules?

Thank you for your help :smile:

All those things should be unblurred. Those are false positives, because the algorithm often sees words on signs as license plates. The only things that really need to be blurred are faces and license plates, because this protects the privacy of individuals.


Ok, great. Thank you @pkoby for the explanation :wink:

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