Mapping by drone - what to be aware of?

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We are way ahead of mapping our commune and now want to contribute mappin the “tougher” areas by drone. Are there any basic limits I should be aware of like fly height? And more? Google didn’ t provide me any articles,

  • Danny

For Mapillary pictures max height = 5 meters.


If you want to contribute this imagery to mapillary, a stable frame and lower flight levels are needed.
Alternatively you could try contributing to OperAerialMap

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@morck unless you’re providing a 360deg panorama, try and have the horizon the target of the photo, not downward facing. And yes, 5meter max height. I’ve submitted photos from a 360 deg camera on a monopod that made it about 2.5-3 meters tall. And also from the top deck of a double decker bus which was probably at the 4 meter mark.

Finally, respect privacy. If someone has a 3 meter solid fence for privacy, don’t submit high resolution footage from above that, which shows their yard.

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Noted. And thx.