Mapillary Tools 0.5.3 for Windows?

I read here in the forum that version 0.5.3 of the mapillary tools should be available. My current download from github shows me --version 0.5.0 (Windows).
Where can I get the latest version for Windows?
Are the upload problems then resolved?

Hi @ralrei, Just cloning the repository doesn’t update mapillary_tools’s version number if you have not installed, please run this python2 install and let me know if the version number is updated.


@asturksever Hi Said

How does one run the from a virtual environment install? I note the files are on github but don’t see them after;

mkdir code
cd code
python -m virtualenv --python=python2 --system-site-packages .env
source .env/bin/activate
pip install git+
pip install git+


Hi @asturksever, I’m using the single file for Windows, no further installation required.
The version is still 0.5.0

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Ok, I think the windows exe wasn’t updated.
Now I did the custom installation. A littlebit tricky but now it’s version 0.5.3 and works well. Uploaded 4 sequences without any error.

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