Mapillary drivers program


The Mapillary Drivers Program pays people to capture street level imagery with simple devices such as smartphones, action cameras or dash cameras.

Did I shoot in my own foot ?

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this was announced on the blog, wasn’t it? still in early stages


It’ll be interesting to see what the details are. I would assume they’re looking for good data in certain specific areas.


Did I dig my own grave ?
Did I saw the branch I am sitting on ?
Well yesterday I found a new job, not on the road.
If I had not acquired that job, I would have searched for a job as a Streetview driver.
They could not refuse me after six million pictures with only near-accidents and all kinds of driver’s licenses.

edit : it was not a job as a Mapillary driver in which I was interested


Hi everyone,

Let me share some details on this. The Driver Operations Management role is part of a wider effort to scale coverage with high-quality imagery. What the job specification refers to is that already today Mapillary helps customers connect with drivers who are in the requested area and quickly can capture new imagery.

As you pointed out @filipc, members of the Mapillary community are great candidates for these new opportunities. The details are still being worked on, but this is part of what the Driver Operations Manager role you shared will entail. We are looking for someone who can lead these efforts so we’re encouraging anyone who is interested to apply to the role.

We promise to keep you updated about the new opportunities to make extra money while you capture your neighborhood.



after all, if people are willing to pay for SV imagery, maybe somebody would be willing to pay for mapillary

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Thanks for the briefing.

What I understood is that this job role is customer centric i.e. geo location specific.
Pls correct me if I am wrong.