Mapillary Disk space Calculator

I have calculated how much disc space the app takes. *

Normal resolution (on my device 4208x3120 or 4k)
Setting every 3 meters a picture.

301 Images = 550mb
1 Image = ca. 1.83mb rounded up
1 Image = ca. 1.83mb = 3meter
1km ~ 610mb
10km ~ 5,96gb
20km ~ 11,91gb
100km ~ 59,52gb
200km ~ 119,03gb
500km ~ 297,57gb

Low resolution (on my device 1560x720 or HD Ready 720p)
3m distance at 301 images
301 images = 74mb
1 image = 0.246mb = 3meter
0.246 x 333 = 81.918mb
1km ca 82mb
10km ca 820mb
100km ca 8200mb ca 8.01gb
200km ca 16400mb ca 16,02gb
500km ca 41000mb ca 40,04gb

*The photo shots are all day rides
Actual disk space usage can be different. Depending on the device used and recording time. The test device was a xiaomi Mi10. The table is only for orientation. It does not represent official data.