Map rotation erratic

Been working fine for a while, but now it seems like the map rotation is a bit all over the place:

Upon entering camera mode, it takes a few seconds for the map to orient according to the heading, then works super-smooth for a minute or so and then it’s like the compass input is dead or something, and the map reverts to true north and twists towards the direction of travel every now and then. I wouldn’t mind, since I am a surveyor engineer by profession and I don’t care which way a map is oriented, but I am guessing that the heading information would most possibly be messed up in the photos as well.

Latest ios, latest Mapillary. Is that a known issue?

Upon further testing, looks like map heading is correct when in camera mode, up until a session is started; it then starts dancing and twisting continuously.

not sure if your issue is the same as mine, but for me the app tends to show the correct heading, but then the compass heading in images is wrong and seems to be only interpolated from track direction (which obviously doesn’t work when stationary)

I still haven’t check the images themselves to see how the heading is recorded. But the map while recording a sequence is definitely constantly rotating. Will capture an example later and upload it here on this thread.

Here’s a video of what happens on my case. The compass doesn’t seem to have any effect on this particular trip and the map rotates according to the mean heading. Notice how it starts to twist and turn as soon as the sequence is activated.