Let's time travel!

Have you already seen that we have time travel back? Or more correct to say, we’ve brought it to the new web now. It’s really detrimental to my productivity, I just get mesmerised by sliding between different now’s and then’s :smiley:

For example, see this one from @ZIMMY for a street on a normal day and a market day.

Or @gyllen’s Four Seasons - almost as good as Vivaldi, isn’t it…

Look out for a little clock icon in the viewer (at the bottom right) - if it’s enabled then the photo has siblings from different times. Do you have any cool examples? Would love to see them :slight_smile:

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Exactly what i want - survey changes after repair of tram lines!

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Wow @trolleway! Quite the improvement =)

Do you know why in some places time travel doesn’t work, even if there’s plenty of pictures. Here’s an example. Nearby sequences do match up.

@joostjakob, time travel matching is based on the gps and compass angle information of the images. They have to be more or less the same for two photos to be connected via time travel (a little margin is allowed for both). That’s why you don’t always get the match, even if the human eye sees that it’s the same place. (Although in extreme cases even the human eye may not understand that, just like computer vision wouldn’t - because a place has really changed so much that indeed the only remaining thing is the GPS coordinates…)

A new zebra crossing.

An enabled little clock means that it has a white circle.

I don’t think the time slide works with spherical pictures.

It also takes some days to happen. Which is not as quick as OSM wants to be.
The second day after the upload I could find only one time slide, now it is hard not to find none.

A road construction site

@filipc it doesn’t work if the spherical one is the starting image. But it works when it’s a comparison image. We’re still working on it. Great construction image example! Can barely believe it’s the same place. Amazing.