Lat/lon data mirrored during recording


I imported some sequences I captured last week onto my laptop and while analysing them in Lightroom, I noticed that the the path of the images didn’t line up along the road and it dawn on me that the longitude values are ‘mirrored’ for some time and then magically they are corrected.

Attached screenshot show this: the blue line on the map is the path I drove on and the orange blobs indicate the no of images at that particular location. At the zoom level that I took the screenshot, a lot of images are bunched into a single blob, but that’s normal.

As you can see, until it reached the point (shown in red line), the coordinates of the images (shown in yellow path) are mirrored or reflection relative to the vertical plane indicated by the red line, and some how it then managed to correct itself and aligned with the road I was driving on (shown in green arrow).

I’m not sure I’m explaining myself clearly, but I hope the screenshot helps.

Is there a way to correct the images which are ‘wrong’, using some sort of a script?


I wonder if your E-W change exposed better GPS satellite visibility? Perhaps the steel roof vs glass window. Some sort of error seems common. I often encounter roads that are not aligned to the map. That’s a good reason to send gpx route files to OSM.

I don’t know if you meant this, but your post gave me the idea to check.

@laye’s route seemed to be from west to east (blue to green) if I understand it right. But I checked the location at the switch, and that point seems to be right where Longitude switches from East to West. In lat/lon recording, it’s where it switches from -0.0x to +0.0x. So for some reason, all the images on yellow have a positive lon when it should be negative.

I think you could probably run an Exiftool command to fix them, but I’m not sure exactly what you’d need to use. Maybe someone else has more knowledge on that.

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Ok I had a look at the map of the route on the Mapillary app and the coordinates looked correct. So I then used Geosetter software on my laptop and it also shows the same error as in Lightroom.

Does it mean then that the error occurs during copying the images front iTunes onto the laptop?

Well seen @pkoby, so it must be a software bug…