Is there a way to measure distance on photos

Hello, I’m wondering if it is possible to measure distance or object dimension (e.g. light pole height etc.) on the photo via the API or something. Thank you.


There is no API to do that and I think it will be with a lot of error even if you had the full set of metadata.

It could kill Mapillary by its success :smile:
Other streetviewers have it, and it is usable. Or is that because of the lidar ? Is there a civil servant here who can testify ?

How the civil servants use it. It is with laser.

It should be possible, but only between points in the pointcloud.
@filipc other systems work with laserscanning to get a pointcloud (f.e. )
Mapillary builds a pointcloud without laser, but then you need a lot of images (in different angles) to create a model. But it could be done and it could be a nice future.
But I guess that this could be one of the commercial products for Mapillary

I would like it now to measure the step height of stairs. I do not like to bend forward.
Measuring as a commercial product ? I’d rather see it as another incentive to recruit contributors.