Is it possible to view Mapillary sequences in parallel with Google Street View?

Mapillary provide streetview-like photos of many areas in the world.

The same is about Google Street View.

I’d like to show a parallel view on the same area about both images … something like GeoFabrick Map Compare (rif, to compare OpenStreetMap and others maps (Google Maps too … ), but on images that when I move on the map could show what happen on Mapillary images and Google Street View images in parallel.

Are there some tools or code samples in PHP / Javascript / Leaflet / OpenLayers?

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I’d like to see the results in some of the areas I have covered both ways.

The closest I’ve seen is the option to view “official” street view photos in the Eniro Yellow pages or Mapillary photos. See for more info + link to the service.

Did no one read my bookmarklet message one or two weeks ago ? That comes close.